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What's the patented MicroBubble?

   ★  MicroBubbles are perfectly working for defying hair loss and thinning hair

  • Micro bubbles are ultra miniscule bubbles that are smaller than 0.05mm.
  • Micro bubble water helps to improve skin problems such as atopic dermatitis and acnes, and it
    has excellent effects of skin care and sterilization.
  • It also soothes mind and body by producing negative ions and warming-up effects.

Regular Water vs. Frelle Microbubble Water (via Bubblemate, Bubblin, Super Bubblin)

MicroBubbles can easily penetrate into the pores!

MICRO-BUBBLES, which are smaller than the pores on your skin, can easily penetrate and flush out the impediments, debris, and other impurities that are missed by using regular tap water.
So stop spending so much money on various face cleansing products and see what Frelle MICRO-BUBBLE Shower Systems can do for you!

Have the effects of MicroBubbles been scientifically proven?

A test for evaluating the effect of the Frelle Bubblemate MicroBubble Shower

Derma Pro Co., Ltd./Skin Science Institute, which is one of the best skin clinical test agencies,
conducted a clinical evaluation test on the effect of the Frelle Bubblemate MicroBubble Shower on
atopic dermatitis, acnes, skin cleansing, and dead skin removal, and obtained the following results.

The Frelle Bubblemate MicroBubble Shower  is found to have significant effects of improving atopic dermatitis, acnes, and skin cleanliness, 

and of removing dead skin cells.

Dr. Gang Seong-Ju

Dermatology Specialist and Researcher, Dermapro Skin Science Institute

Evaluation of MicroBubble

Bubblemate skin cleansing system.

We all learn that seventy five percent of the human body consists of water. In particular, even when our body loses even 1% of the body water content, we feel thirst. When we lose 2%, we cannot function properly.

Water’s healing, stimulation, and tension-relieving effects are enormous. Around 4 BC, an ancient Greek physician Hippocrates even prescribed drinking and bathing in spring water for treating diseases. In addition, Romans developed resorts where they can enjoy hot spring whenever they conquered a place. In the 16th century, they also developed various water therapies that use inorganic salt water. Recently-developed spa therapies use water’s self-purification and healing functions as well.

As such, several studies were conducted to utilize water more effectively for the human body, and a shower machine was developed using micro bubbles. The results of recent research have proven that this micro bubble water has an excellent anti-bacterial function, so it controls the contamination of water, and has an excellent effect of improving acnes, atopic dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis. Using micro bubble water at home for bath and shower therapy will keep your skin clean and healthy.

Jang Tae-su
Professor of CHA Medical School

The results verifying the major effects of Frelle through clinical evaluations.

Dermapro Inc. is an one of the most prestigious skin clinical agency. It is equipped with the best professionals in the field of skin biological research and with the most advanced equipment. It conducts various evaluations on the safety and effectiveness of cosmetics, as well as those of cosmetic ingredients and drugs on the human body.

The effects of Frelle MicroBubble shower machine on the improvement of atopic dermatitis and acnes, the changes in blood flow and skin temperature, and the function of skin cleansing and dead skin cell removal have been verified by such a clinical agency with international competit-iveness.
Skin cleansing properties

MicroBubbles have a more powerful cleansing function compared to regular faucet water, as they absorb and disintegrate impurities in the skin.

MicroBubble water showed better cleansing effects on the skin wearing a foundation, no foundation, or wearing a color makeup, compared to 

regular faucet water.

Frelle Micro-Bubble's Skin Cleansing Capabilities


(Source: An evaluation test on the effects of Microbubble Shower Machine on changes in blood flow and skin temperature and on the effects of skin cleansing and dead skin cell removal, Dermapro, December 2009)

(Lower values on the graph indicate cleaner skin.)

Atopic Dermatitis
Keeps skin moist and removes dead skin cells to improve the skins condition

After using micro bubble water for 4 weeks, self evaluation and clinical results proved that skin itching, sleep disturbance, and skin cracks were reduced.

Removes dead skin cells improving texture and moisturizing the skin and curing acne conditions

After using micro bubble water for 4 weeks,acnes were improved by a visual evaluation.Skin scars, dead skin cells, and papules were also reduced.

*This product is not a medical device, and its effects may vary depending on the type of constitution and the seriousness of skin problems.